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Can I really get comprehensive training from
a home study course?

Yes, your home study course includes 3 DVDs. Two of these DVDs are unedited editions of our on-site workshop in Seattle. In essence, you are right there with the other students from beginning to end. Nothing is left out!

The first day of the workshop you go through the actual past regressions with the other students so you can experience firsthand what your clients will experience when you work with them.

The second day you learn the techniques that enable you to become truly successful and observe interaction between client and therapist. Your added advantage is that as a home study student you get to keep the DVDs. On-site students do not!

Your third DVD covers special tips for the therapist. You will observe three different clients and their interaction with the therapist. Your audio CD comprehensively covers the final examination.

Your course book gives valuable suggestions and exercises to further perfect your skills. Your 87 page script book gives you a variety of regressions to assist you in working with your clients in almost every imaginable situation.

As an added bonus you also receive my special guidebook "What to do When The Unexpected Happens."

When you have completed this course, you will feel very confident in your abilities as a past life therapist!

Do I need previous training in hypnotherapy?

No. Our students come from every walk of life. Some are professional hypnotherapists who now want to learn the skills of past life therapy to further enhance their careers. Others are nurses, psychologists, massage therapists, teachers, or those from the corporate or business world who are looking for a life change. Still others are retired or re-entering the work force. Whatever your specific skills or interests, past life therapist training will enhance those skills and direct you on a path uniquely your own.

Okay, so I become a Certified Past Life Therapist, then what?

Past Life Therapy is a form of hypnotherapy. Some of you may already have ideas of how to incorporate it into your own practice. But to those of you to whom this is new, once you have completed your course, you will have an opportunity, along with other graduates, to join the International association of Past Life Therapist, a unique organization that gives you tips on marketing your skill, advertising, setting up workshops, building clientele and networking with other past life therapist worldwide! We also have our annual convention and newsletter, so you can be informed on what is happening in past life therapy and what others are doing since their graduation.

How do I know how much to charge a client?

Obviously, rates vary in different parts of the country. However, in general, private past life therapy sessions range from $65 a session to $125. Each session takes about an hour and a half.

If I need additional help, who do I call?

Your home study course is very comprehensive. We do however realize that from time to time unusual questions arise. The International Association of Past Life Therapists is a support group for our members and if there are specific questions on any aspect of your therapist training we are there for you. Your success, is our success!

you are looking for a change in your life and would like to earn good money while helping others, now is the time to become a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist in this unique and powerful home study course.

Many of you are already aware of Dr. Carole Carbone's powerful home study programs. Using DVDs and scripts, direct from on-site workshops, Dr. Carbone take you there live! This is not a traditional hypnotherapy course. This course combines the best and most powerful techniques Dr. Carbone has utilized over the years to ensure you ultimate success in working with your clients.

Your course is extremely comprehensive and covers hypnotherapy techniques for weight reduction, smoking cessation, releasing fears, phobias, self-esteem issues and other non-productive patterns. Dr. Carbone guides you along each step of the way until you are totally confident with your new skills. These skills are self-tested as you proceed through each lesson. There is a final "mail-in" examination. Thorough completion of the course will assure your success in this area.


“The training was professional and effective. It was a significant and relevant learning experience."

- E. Halliday

"Dr. Carbone, you are God-sent for your expertise in your field of hypnotherapy and past life regression therapy. I would heartily recommend this course to others."

- H. Malone

"Besides giving me the tools to work with my clients, I also learned a great deal about myself!"

- Dorothy Dawson

"Thank you so much! Having this information to study and review in my own home has been wonderful."

- N. Anderson


Questions & Answers