International Association

of Past Life Therapists

Past Life Regression has always been a controversial aspect of hypnotherapy. However, those who have successfully used it know that it can be a most powerful tool for affecting change in one’s life.

Embark on a remarkable journey of self-discovery into the fascinating world of your past lives.

Learn from a Master

A past life therapist and psychic counselor, Dr. Carbone has spent more than three decades in the intensive study of psychic phenomenon. She conducts her renowned PAST LIFE CERTIFICATION PROGRAM throughout the United States and maintains a private practice in Southern California.

Dr. Carbone is registered with the State of California, Bureau of Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education.

Change your life’s blueprint. Here’s how...

Whether you choose to train with Dr. Carbone  in person or via home study, or take of her powerful home study self-help courses, Dr. Carbone will demonstrate the powerful effects of past life experiences upon personal development. You can literally change your life’s blueprint.

If you’re new to past life therapy or just curious, you might want to book a private session with Dr. Carbone. You can explore your past lives in a safe, supportive environment and get the answers you seek. Private sessions are available.

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"Dr. Carbone, you are God-sent for your expertise in your field of hypnotherapy and past life regression therapy. I would heartily recommend this course to others."

- H. Malone

"Besides giving me the tools to work with my clients, I also learned a great deal about myself!"

- Dorothy Dawson

"Thank you so much! Having this information to study and review in my own home has been wonderful."

  1. -N. Anderson


Why Explore Your Past Lives?

Dr. Carole Carbone is the Founder of
The International Association of Past Life Therapists, Past Life Odyssey Workshops and Sixth Sense Discovery Workshops.

Dr. Carbone is a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy. She is a graduate of the American Institute of Hypnotherapy and serves as an adjunct faculty member of the degree program at AIH.


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Now you can experience a face to face personal 30 minute psychic counseling session with Dr. Carole Carbone in the leisure of your own home!.
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